The Good Cop
By Dave Macleod, Monday 6th September 2021

Season 1 Channel premiere Sundays at 19:00 From 5th September until 10th October Based on the bestselling book “The Good Cop” by Justine Ford. The best Homicide detective Australia has ever seen. This is the story of an old-school cop who is tough, inventive and incorruptible. A man who solved the unsolvable with his head and his heart. For many years, television companies have dreamt of doing a series with Ron Iddles. R...

Snapped: Killer Couples
Posted on Friday 30th July 2021

Season 10 & 11. Channel premiere Weeknights at 19:00 From 2nd until 27th August “Snapped: Killer Couples” is a gripping series that features couples whose passion drove them to commit terrible criminal acts. Through re-creations and first-hand accounts, each episode delves into the stories behind the couples’ romance, how their relationship evolved once love transformed into manipulation and what ultimatel...

The Mark Of A Killer
Posted on Sunday 4th July 2021

Season 1&2 Channel premiere Weeknights at 19:00 From 5th until 26th July The behaviours and patterns may differ, but some serial killers simply cannot resist leaving a personal mark on each of their heinous crimes. From postmortem rituals to crime scene mementos, these perverse trademarks are often meant to taunt law enforcement but can end up providing vital clues that help the investigators bring down the perpe...

The Night Caller
Posted on Friday 28th May 2021

Season 1. Channel premiere. Sundays at 20:00. From 13th June until 4th July. From 1959 to 1963, a mysterious attacker terrorised Perth, Australia, committing random and extraordinarily violent crimes. The Perth police were determined to find the culprit. Deaf Darryl Bleamish was arrested, questioned without parents or lawyer, charged with murder and sentenced to death – but while he was in prison, the attacks began again...

Murder In Amish Country
Posted on Wednesday 28th April 2021

Season 1. Channel premiere. Sundays at 19:00. From 9th May until 13th June. Murders of any kind are thankfully rare events within the peaceful and reserved Amish and Anabaptist communities that are scattered across the United States. When they do occasionally occur, investigating detectives soon find out that solving them is unlike working any other kind of case. As one cop put it: “It was easier getting informat...

Channel Premiere: Forensics
Posted on Thursday 1st April 2021

FORENSICS Season 1. Channel premiere. Sundays at 20:00, from 4th April. If you are a fan of real crime ‘whodunits’ and CSI’s forensic science, then this show will have you clinging to the edge of your seat. But be warned – sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction. In this series, forensic scientists and police are the ‘heroes’, science is the ‘secret weapon’, and our presenter the ‘guide’, as we unr...

World's Most Evil Killers
Posted on Monday 1st March 2021

Season 5 Channel premiere Weeknights at 19:00, from 22nd March until 16th April “World’s Most Evil Killers” delves into the gripping real life stories of the world’s most prolific killers. Each episode focuses on one notorious killer and features authentic first-hand accounts of their behavior, from detectives who ran the case, journalists who reported on the stories, relatives, and at times survivors, alongside series experts...

Coastal Killers
Posted on Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Season 2. Channel premiere ORIGINAL TRUE CRIME SERIES Sundays at 19:00. From 28th February until 2nd May. Every summer, thousands of holidaymakers flock to the British seaside to enjoy the warm weather, pebble beaches and amusement arcades. But there’s a dark side to the British seaside, a sinister underbelly where sins are washed away by the tide. The quaint and idealistic seafront is also stalked by killers who, lik...

Making A Monster
Posted on Tuesday 5th January 2021

Season 1. Channel premiere Sundays at 19:00 A group of the world’s leading forensic psychologists, psychiatrists, pathologists and police experts come together to share their own insights into the minds of serial killers.  Leading the viewer on a journey through the psyches of the world’s most dangerous men and women, at the end of each episode, we aim to provide the answer to the ever-elusive question: What did it take to make t...

Homicide's Elite
Posted on Monday 30th November 2020

Season 3 Continuing premiere Sundays at 20:00 Detectives David Quinn and Vince Velazquez have worked hundreds of homicides together – if these two are on the case, the bad guys are going to prison! “Homicide’s Elite” features the most baffling, shocking and heartbreaking cases Quinn and Velazquez have worked in their combined 50 years on the street. From the minute the 911 call comes in, to each twist and turn, t...

How I Caught The Killer
Posted on Friday 30th October 2020

Season 1. Premiere Tuesday to Friday at 20:00, from 10th until 25th November Featuring exclusive officer accounts, chilling evidence and stylish recreations, “How I Caught the Killer” provides a gripping insight into what it’s like to work on indecipherable cases.   The series shines a light on a myriad of murders and an array of outstanding officers who made key discoveries during investigations - from the...

Murder Wall
Posted on Thursday 1st October 2020

Season 1 Premiere ORIGINAL TRUE CRIME SERIES Sundays at 19:00, from 11th October until 13th December Suspenseful, engrossing and dramatic, “Murder Wall” turns viewers into detectives as they see clues to some of the most challenging homicides unfolding right before their eyes. Expect twists, turns, false leads, and truly inspired detective work, as we follow the extraordinary investigations taking shape, with each episo...

Evidence Of Evil
Posted on Wednesday 2nd September 2020

ORIGINAL TRUE CRIME SERIES Season 3. Premiere Sundays at 20:00 CAT Season 3 of the original true crime series “Evidence of Evil” explores and reconstructs some of the most intriguing and startling criminal cases of the past two decades, where technology changed the course of the investigations and brought the guilty to justice. Featuring key witness testimony, new interviews, reconstructed sequences and archive footage, the series ...

The Real Prime Suspect Weekend
Posted on Monday 3rd August 2020

CBS Justice celebrates Jackie Malton, host of “The Real Prime Suspect” during the final weekend of Women’s Month Back to back episodes on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th August, from 16:00 until 06:00. Jackie Malton is a former Scotland Yard detective and an inspiration for the character of DCI Jane Tennison, portrayed by Helen Mirren  in the award winning drama series “Prime Suspect”. Jackie joined the force in 1970 and spent m...

Original True Crime Series: New Scotland Yard Files
Posted on Wednesday 27th May 2020

NEW SCOTLAND YARD FILES Season 1. Premiere. ORIGINAL TRUE CRIME SERIES Sundays at 20:00 In “New Scotland Yard Files”, current and former New Scotland Yard detectives open their files to tell the inside stories of how they caught some of the capital's most notorious killers by following the ABC of the detective world: accept nothing, believe nobody and challenge everything. Each episode of the series uses ITN ...

Brand New Series: Murder For My Man
Posted on Tuesday 28th April 2020

MURDER FOR MY MAN Season 1 Weeknights at 21:00 from 4th May until 5th June Love can be intoxicating, but this chilling true crime series shows that sometimes, it can be just toxic. “Murder for My Man” features shocking stories about how the desire to please a man can drive a woman to commit unspeakable crimes.  The series opens with the discoveries of two badly decomposed bodies in the Intracoastal Waterway of New...

This May on CBS Justice: The Real Prime Suspect
Posted on Tuesday 28th April 2020

ORIGINAL TRUE CRIME SERIES Channel Premiere Sundays at 20:00 from 3rd May until 7th June. Season 2A. Episodes 1 - 6 “The Real Prime Suspect” is a series led by Jackie Malton, a retired Scotland Yard detective, one of the first female members of the Flying Squad, and the inspiration for the character of DCI Jane Tennison, played by Helen Mirren, in the multi-award winning drama “Prime Suspect” by Lynda La Plante. Using her unparal...

April on CBS Justice
Posted on Monday 30th March 2020

48 HOURS Season 18 & 19 Weekdays at 15:00 from 13th April until 27th May “48 Hours” investigates the most intriguing crime and justice cases that touch on all areas of the human experience. The programme has developed a rich history of original reporting and impact journalism that has helped exonerate wrongly convicted people, causing cold cases to be reopened and solved and changing lives along the way. Episode one focu...

March on CBS Justice
Posted on Wednesday 26th February 2020

MURDER MADE ME FAMOUS Season 7 Premiere Weeknights at 22:00 from 24th until 31st March The series recounts true-life crimes that became headline-making news. The hit show shares personal accounts from victims’ family members, jurors, members of law enforcement and journalists involved with each murder to give viewers an intimate perspective and to disclose new information. Featured commentator for every episode is ...

Brand New: Coastal Killers
Posted on Wednesday 29th January 2020

Season 1 Premiere CBS JUSTICE ORIGINAL Sundays at 21:00 CAT Perhaps it’s the sea air or too much sun. But despite the jollity associated with sandcastles and ice creams, breezy promenade walks and donkey rides, many British seaside towns have a dubious reputation for hosting the most remarkable crimes. Some of the most strange and terrifying murders ever recorded in British criminal history have taken place at the famous seaside resort...

January on CBS Justice
Posted on Thursday 2nd January 2020

HOMICIDE’S ELITE Season 2 Premiere Weeknights at 22:00 from 13th until 28th January. On a hot summer night in early August, two assailants attempted to rob a man’s house - he was rumored to have a hefty amount of cash residing inside. A seemingly harmless robbery turned into a horrible night for a young, engaged couple, Briana Brooks and Jeronta Brown, who were shot dead on a random road in Atlanta. To make matters w...

Evidence Of Evil this December
Posted on Thursday 28th November 2019

Weeknights at 21:00 until 20th December From cutting-edge DNA profiling to CCTV footage and mobile phone data, recent technological advancements have revolutionised crime solving worldwide. Supplementing training, experience, and intuition, new technologies have enabled the twenty-first century investigator to draw upon a whole host of wide-ranging and accurate modern techniques. Season 2 of the series explores and reconstructs some of t...

This November on CBS Justice
Posted on Monday 4th November 2019

THE REAL PRIME SUSPECT  Season 1 - Premiere Airs on weeknights at 19:00 from Friday 15th until 28th November. “The Real Prime Suspect” is a 10-part series led by Jackie Malton, a former Met Police Officer, one of the first female members of the Flying Squad and the inspiration for the character of DCI Jane Tennison, played by Helen Mirren, in the multi-award winning drama “Pr...

CBS Justice launched in Africa!
Posted on Monday 4th November 2019

CBS Justice in Africa is the TV destination for compelling and heartfelt true crime documentaries and series, delving deep into the facts to uncover the truth. Featuring a curated selection of original and acquired programming, the channel brings authentic cases to the viewers, presented and investigated by genuine experts. Titles include original productions “The Real Prime...

Cold Justice Sex Crimes
Sunday 26 September
18:00 CAT
Cold Justice
Thursday 23 September
22:00 CAT